How we started?

Computer Problems of Barnsley started trading in July 2002 with 2 full-time staff and 2 part-time staff.  Each member had a quality and each was vital for the success of the company.  Robert J Warburton, the founder member with Red Hat Linux 7.2 experience was assigned to help local companies ease into alternative cheaper operating systems, as John S Wood was assigned as the electronics engineer, and was assigned to electronic/computer motherboard repairs.  Kay Blower was our system admin operator and Ian Dransfield was our gaming and Windows expert.  Combined, we had over 70 years of experience to offer our new customers.  Now, currently in 2015, we boast over 6250+ customers and we have a rather solid following within the social network.  We are a local company, employing local people.  We are now in another phase of electronic excellence and have now employed Andrew Barnard, who is of old-school and currently developing programs and electronic devices to benefit companies.

Windows 10

We are now taking our customers machines and with permission and a brief explanation, upgrading them to Windows 10. Also, this applied to 10.10.5 Apple machines.